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“Imperfect” ABCs of the ‘80s
“Imperfect” ABCs of the ‘80s
“Imperfect” ABCs of the ‘80s

“Imperfect” ABCs of the ‘80s

Regular price $8.50

A totally awesome board book filled with RAD '80s nostalgia and pop culture from Alf to Zubaz! It's the perfect gift for all. 

These books are SLIGHTLY “IMPERFECT”. 
To be honest there is nothing wrong with them except maybe the slightest defect in the cover or with the color. I just don’t feel comfortable selling them full price or to shops for wholesale SO great deal for you!

If you want to snag a copy before they are all gone here’s a great way!

Makes a great gift for the holiday for you or an ‘80s lover in your life! 

I will also sign it!! 

7" x 7" x 1"

64 pages